Electrical Waste & Data Destruction

Free*, safe, nationwide WEEE recycling, on site or off site data destruction.

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Fully licensed disposal

On all collections, we issue the relevant paperwork. Please check our accreditations below.

IT Recycling

Many parts of computers can be recycled or reused for future production. Tin, silicon, iron, aluminium and a range of plastics that are used to build computers in bulk can help to reduce the costs of making new systems. Batteries and motherboards are made of recyclable items too. We also take servers and server cabinets.

Printers and Photocopiers

Printer Recycling

Printers and photocopiers record each document that they print or copy in their memory, which over their lifetime could include sensitive data. Yes WEEE can help to destroy electronic data on such items to protect your company and any confidential data stored. There are parts of printers and photocopiers that are also harmful to the environment and cannot be thrown into landfill due to their harmful chemicals.

Data Destruction

data destruction

1 sweep hard drive wiping is done as a matter of protocol on all data bearing devices. For a charge Yes WEEE can physically destroy your data on site or off site. We also offer UK Government Approved (Blancco) data erasure for desktop and laptop computers with the most certified and globally recognized data erasure solution.

Telecoms Equipment

Telecoms Equipment Recycling

Telecoms equipment is made up of many different electrical devices including antennas, cables, telephones, mobile devices, routers and modems. All of these devices can be broken down and many individual parts able to be recycled. Whether they work or not, recycling or reusing parts must be in compliance with the 2007 WEEE directive. Recycling with Yes WEEE is better for the environment than landfill and helps to create valuable materials.

*Yes WEEE will collect all your electrical waste for free where commercially viable. For smaller collections or low value collections, charges will apply. Our 1 swipe hard drive wiping service is free but charges apply for our other data destruction services. Any questions please feel free to get in touch.


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